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TC-Helicon MP-75 Microphone

Microphone Giveaway

Written by CFMAE on Apr 1, 2014

The Internet Marketing class in the Department of Music Industry Studies is giving away a TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone. Learn more. No purchase necessary.

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A whole lot of rambling and maybe a bit of wisdom

Every spring, all current MIS sophomores are asked to write an essay about ethics in the contemporary music industry in order to be cleared for registration. For a lot of us, this is easier said than done, because many of us are still trying to figure ourselves out and identify our core values as we develop. But ethical issues aren’t going to wait until we’re ready to address them. We need to confront them now and allow them to influence our growth, not the other way around. Because it’s not just the music industry we need to sort out—it’s life in general, it’s the idea of living an earnest and authentic existence.

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